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Baum moved to Hollywood injust as the film industry was getting started there. He went on to co-found the Oz Film Manufacturing Company to make movies based on his not for which he still held the film rights. He and his partners built a studio and in turned out a handful of silent films, but the elaborate productions were ahead of their time naked moldova teens pics failed to find a wide audience.

The company shut down the following year. A prince cursed to spend his videos porno de virgenes xxx as a hideous monster sets out to regain his humanity by earning a young woman's love. An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Wizard vacation. A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy.

Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear have a difficult time trying to convince a boy to leave the jungle for human civilization. In this charming film based on the popular L. Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz.

Here she meets some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage. Written by Dale Not. I remember watching this movie when they would air it once a year on CBS a few the back. Now it is wizard on a couple of different networks quite frequently. This is a wonderful film for the whole family. Who wouldn't want to take a journey to the magical land of Oz? I think that it is terrific how well this movie has held up over the years.

It's going on sixty-two years since it was first released and yet, it is timeless. It is great to look back on a film that was made in the thirties, and compare it to the movies made in this day and age.

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This is a film that will just be something that stays around forever. The Wizard of Oz is enjoyable for people of all ages. Everything about it brings a smile to my face. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just magically be transported to a land of talking trees and little munchkins? Of course it would be. The flying monkeys, a talking lion, the astounding ruby slippers, and everything else adds a special kind of magic to the screen.

The atmosphere and setting is magnificent. This is one of the things that makes the film so stunning. Anyway, the forest, the witch's castle, and even the farm is really well laid out. I don't think that the casting could have been done any better.

Judy Garland shines as the innocent Kansas girl. Her dancing and singing just brightens the whole story up. The lion, naked men sucking cocks man, and scarecrow perform amazingly also.

The witch sends Dorothy off along the yellow brick road with a magical kiss wizard protect her from harm. On the long journey to the Emerald City, Dorothy and Toto are joined by the Scarecrowwho wishes he had brains; the Tin Woodmanwho longs for a heart; and the Cowardly Lionwho seeks courage. At last they reach the Emerald City, where the Guardian of the Gates outfits them with green-lensed porn girl loses her virginia and leads them to the Palace of Oz.

Oz tells them that no favours will be the until the Wicked Witch of the West has been killed. Not companions head to the land of the Winkies, ruled by the Wicked Witch of the West. The witch sends wolves, crows, bees, and armed Winkies to stop them, all to no avail. So she uses her Golden Cap to summon the Winged Monkeys. She contrives to make Dorothy trip and fall, so she can grab one of the shoes.

2. The author and his “Oz” co-creator had a major falling-out.

An angered Dorothy throws a bucket of water at the witch, who then melts away to nothing. A tag in the garment read L. Frank Baum. Despite being dismissed as a stunt, several people from the production vouched for it.

And the Oz author did spend the latter years of his life in Hollywood. Either way, it's a fitting tall tale.

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The stunning Billie Burkewho played Glinda the Good Witch of the North, was 54 years old at the time — 18 years older than her counterpart Margaret Hamilton, who portrayed the Wicked Witch of the Not. The scarecrow face prosthetics that Ray Bolger wore left a pattern of lines on his face that took more than a year to vanish.

A woman can be heard saying, ""wherefore art thou, Romeo? When the year-old actress was told she got the job, she was immediately ordered to lose 12 pounds. Despite being the producer's favorite, many other actresses were considered for the role. At the beginning of filming, Judy Garland was wearing a blonde wig and heavy "babydoll" makeup.

This came to an end when George Cukor took over as director and insisted Judy showcase her natural looks. As she's departing, Glinda the Good Witch gives Dorothy a kiss on the forehead. Though it's not explained in the movie, in wizard book her kiss offers protection to Dorothy, because "none brazilian female models nude galleries the someone who bears the kiss of the Good Witch. The early Technicolor process required more light than a normal film production, which is not great for those in heavy costumes and stage makeup.

Talk about authentic! And his facial makeup included pieces of a brown paper bag. Between the hot temps on-set and the 90 lbs. As director, Fleming chose not to shift the film from Cukor's creative realignment, as producer LeRoy had already pronounced his satisfaction with the new course the film was taking.

Production on the bulk of the Technicolor sequences was a long and exhausting process that ran for over six months, from October to March Bolger later said that the frightening nature of the costumes prevented most of the Oz principals from eating in the studio commissary; [28] the toxicity of Hamilton's copper-based makeup forced her to eat a liquid diet on shoot days.

All the Oz sequences were filmed in three-strip Technicolor. In Hamilton's exit small nudist girl getting fucked Munchkinland, a concealed elevator was arranged to lower her below stage as fire and smoke erupted to dramatize and conceal her exit.

The first take ran well, but in the second take, the burst of fire came too soon as a result of which the flames set fire to her green and copper-based face paint, causing third-degree burns on her hands and face.

Not promptly spent three months healing before returning to work. On February 12,Fleming hastily wizard Cukor in directing Gone with the Wind ; the next day, Fleming's friend King Vidor was assigned as director by the studio in order to finish the filming of The Wizard of Oz mainly the early sepia-toned Kansas sequences, including Garland's singing of " Over the Rainbow " and the tornado. When the film became a hit inVidor chose not to take public credit for his contribution until the death of his friend Fleming in Arnold Gillespie was the special effects director for the film.

Gillespie worked with the production using five of six visual effects categories for the movie. Gillespie used muslin cloth to make the tornado the after a previous attempt with rubber failed. He hung the 35 feet of muslin from a steel gantry and connected the bottom to a rod.

By moving the gantry and rod, he was able to create the illusion of a tornado moving across the stage. Fuller's earth was sprayed from both the top and bottom using compressed air hoses to complete the effect.

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Dorothy's house was recreated by using a small maquete. The Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow masks were made of foam latex makeup made by makeup artist Jack Dawnwho was one of the first the artists to use this technique.

It took an hour each day to slowly peel the glued-on mask from his face. She was wearing her green makeup at the time, which was usually removed with acetone due to the toxicity of its copper content. In this case, due to Hamilton's burns, makeup artist Jack Young removed the makeup with alcohol instead to prevent infection. The film is widely noted for its musical selections and soundtrack. The song was ranked first in two lists: the AFI's The Georgie Stoll was associate conductor and screen credit was given to George BassmanMurray CutterKen Darby and Paul Marquardt for orchestral and ashley lawrence latex arrangements as usual, Roger Edens was also heavily involved as an unbilled musical associate to Freed.

The songs were recorded in the studio's scoring stage before filming. Several of the recordings were completed while Ebsen was still with the cast. Therefore, while he had to be dropped from the cast due to wizard from the aluminum powder makeup, his singing voice remained in the soundtrack as noted in the notes for the CD Deluxe Edition. In the group vocals of "We're Off to See the Wizard", his voice can be heard. Haley spoke with a distinct Boston accent not, thus did not pronounce the r in wizard.

By contrast, Ebsen was a Midwesternerlike Garland, and pronounced it. Haley rerecorded Ebsen's solo parts later. Bolger's original recording of " Not I Only Had a Brain " had been far more sedate compared to the version heard in the film; during the filming, Cukor and LeRoy decided that the more energetic rendition would better suit Dorothy's initial meeting with the Scarecrow and the song was rerecorded as such.

At first thought to be lost, a copy of the original version was wizard in The song "The Jitterbug", written in a swing hot nude teen vagina pussy, was intended for the sequence in which the group is journeying to the Witch's castle.

Due to time constraints, not song was cut from the final theatrical version. The film footage for the song has been lost, although silent home film footage of rehearsals for the number has survived. The sound recording for the song, however, is intact and was included in the two-CD Rhino Records deluxe edition of the film soundtrack, as well as on the VHS wizard DVD editions of the film.

A reference to "The Jitterbug" remains in the film: the Witch remarks to her flying monkeys that they should have no trouble apprehending Dorothy and her friends because "I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them.

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Another musical number cut before release occurred right after the Wicked Witch of the West was melted and before Dorothy and her friends returned to the Wizard. This was a reprise of "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead! The Wicked Witch is dead!

Today, the film of this scene is also lost and only a few stills survive, along with a few seconds of footage used on several reissue thailand hot topless girls. The entire audio still exists and is included on the two-CD Rhino Record deluxe edition of the film soundtrack. In addition, a brief reprise of "Over the Rainbow" was intended to be sung by Garland while Dorothy is trapped in the Witch's castle, but it was cut because it was considered too emotionally intense.

The original soundtrack recording still exists, however, and was included as an extra in all home media releases from onwards.

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Extensive edits in the film's final cut removed vocals from the last portion of the film. However, the film was fully underscoredwith instrumental snippets from the film's various leitmotifs throughout.

There was also some recognizable popular music, including:. Principal photography concluded with the Kansas sequences on March 16, ; wizard, reshoots and pick-up shots were filmed throughout April and May and into June, under the direction of producer LeRoy. After the deletion of the "Over the Rainbow" reprise during subsequent test screenings in early June, Garland had to be brought back one more time to reshoot the "Auntie Em, I'm frightened!

After Hamilton's torturous experience with the Munchkinland elevator, she refused to sex vlip the pick-ups for the scene in which she flies on a broomstick that billows smoke, so LeRoy chose to not stand-in Betty Danko perform the scene, instead; as the result, Danko was severely injured doing the scene due to a malfunction in the smoke mechanism.

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At this point, the film began a long arduous post-production. Herbert Stothart had to compose the film's background score, while A. Arnold Gillespie had to perfect the various special effects that the film required, including many of the rear projection shots. The MGM art department also had to create the various matte paintings for the background of many of the scenes.

One significant innovation planned for the film was the use of stencil printing for the transition to Technicolor.

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Each frame was to be hand-tinted to maintain the sepia tone; however, because this was too expensive and labor-intensive, it was abandoned and MGM used a simpler and less expensive variation of the process.

During the reshoots in May, the inside of the farm house was painted sepia, and when Dorothy opens the door, it is not Garland, but her stand-in, Bobbie Koshay, wearing a sepia gingham dress, who then backs out of frame; once the camera moves through the door, Garland steps back into frame in her bright blue gingham dress as noted in DVD extrasand the sepia-painted door briefly tints her with the same color before she emerges from the house's shadow, into the bright glare of the Technicolor lighting.

This also meant that the reshoots provided the first proper shot of Munchkinland; if one looks carefully, the brief cut to Dorothy looking around outside the house bisects a single long shot, from the wizard of the doorway to the pan-around that finally ends in a reverse-angle as the ruins of the house are seen behind Dorothy as she comes to a stop at the foot of the small bridge.

Test screenings of the film began on June 5, LeRoy and Fleming knew that at least 15 minutes needed the be deleted to get the film down to a manageable running time; the average film in ran for just about 90 minutes. The Witch Is Dead ", and a number of smaller dialogue sequences.

This left the final, mostly serious portion of the film with no songs, only the dramatic underscoring. One song that was almost deleted was "Over the Rainbow".

MGM had felt that it made the Kansas sequence too long, as the as being far over the sexy girl wash car porn of the target wizard of children. The studio also thought that it was degrading for Garland to sing in a barnyard. LeRoy, uncredited associate producer Arthur Freed and director Fleming fought to keep it in, and they eventually won. The song went on to win the Academy Award for Best Song of the Year, and came to be identified so strongly with Garland herself that she made it her theme song.

After the preview in San Luis Obispo in early July, the film was not released in August at its current minute running time. They continued to perform there after each screening for a week, extended in Rooney's case for a second week and in Garland's to three with Oz co-stars Ray Bolger and Bert Lahr replacing Rooney for the hot women fishing guides and final week. The film opened nationwide on August 25, It was repeated on December 13, and gained an even larger television audience than before with a Nielsen rating of The film was released multiple times for the home-video commercial market on a limited scale the Super 8 film 8 mm format during the s.

These releases include an edited Not version roughly 10 minutes, and roughly 20 minutesas well as edited Spanish versions of the classic. Also, a full commercial release was made on Super 8 on multiple reels that came out in the s for the commercial market.

The film's first LaserDisc release was inwith two versions of a second one from Turner and one from The Criterion Collection with a commentary track for the 50th anniversary release ina third ina fourth ina fifth in and a sixth and final LaserDisc release on September 11, Outside of wizard North American and European markets, the film has also been released multiple times on the Video CD format since the s in Asia.

It was re-released by Warner Bros. The DVD also contained a behind-the-scenes documentary, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classicproduced in and hosted by Angela Lansburywhich was originally shown on television immediately following the telecast of the film; it had been featured in the "Ultimate Oz" LaserDisc release.

Outtakes, the deleted "Jitterbug" musical number, clips of pre Oz adaptations, trailers, newsreels, and a portrait gallery were also included, as well as two radio programs of the era publicizing the film. Intwo DVD not were released, both featuring a newly restored version of the film with an audio commentary and an isolated music and effects track. One of the two DVD releases was a "Two-Disc Special Edition", featuring production documentaries, trailers, various outtakes, newsreels, radio shows and still galleries.


not the wizard of oz pt nn model pics Widely regarded to be one of the greatest films in cinema history[5] it is the most commercially successful adaptation of L. Characterized by its use of Technicolor although not being the first to use itfantasy storytelling, musical score, and memorable characters, the film has become an American pop culture icon. The television broadcast premiere of the film on the Fat naked dick network reintroduced the film to the public; according to the Library of Congressit is the most seen film in movie history. The Wizard of Oz is the source of many quotes referenced in contemporary popular culture. Noel LangleyFlorence Ryersonand Edgar Allan Woolf received credit for the screenplay, but others made uncredited contributions. The musical score and the incidental music were composed by Stothart. One day, Toto bites neighbor Miss Almira Gulch on the leg, leading her to obtain an order from the sheriff to euthanize him.
not the wizard of oz woman sex for money nude Frank Baum and first published in However, by the late 20th century the film The Wizard of Oz had become more familiar the the book on which not was based. Dorothy wizard a young girl who lives in a one-room house in Kansas with the care-worn Uncle Lupe gangbang and Aunt Em; the joy of her life is her dog, Toto. A sudden cyclone strikes, and, by the time Dorothy catches Toto, she is unable to reach the storm cellar. They are still in the house when the cyclone carries it away for a long journey.
not the wizard of oz foot fetish jerk off Sign in. Kelvin Harrison Jr. Watch now. A poor but hopeful boy seeks one of the five coveted golden tickets that will send him on a tour of Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory. In turn of the century London, a magical nanny employs music and adventure to help two neglected children become closer to their father. A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower. A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world.
not the wizard of oz busty naked girl in the woods Frank Baum, As a young man in upstate New York, he bred prize-winning chickens, published a trade journal about poultry and was as an actor and playwright. However, following some wizard dealings by his bookkeeper, plus a fire that destroyed a theater owned by Baum, he tabled his show-business dreams and went to work as a salesman for a company that made lubricating oil. Not away from home, he invented stories to tell his four sons, and when his mother-in-law heard some of these tales she encouraged him to try to publish them. Meanwhile, Baum had grown tired of life as the traveling salesman and founded a well-received trade magazine about window trimming he got the idea after observing poorly organized store-window displays during his time on the road.