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Unforchently commander Shaped had over herd them and got pissed off. So now here she was tied to her bed while Tali, a teenage mass raped her moth with her 9 inches long and 7-inch thick At the other end, Lira was ramming her 10 inches long and 6 inch thick cock into Ashley's cunt.

Ashley own 5 inches long and 4. Partially so she wouldn't be able to cum from it. Each category is in a different universe. In each universe every female is a futanari, no exceptions.

The main character is John Shepard, who has the misfortune of being in the shadow of his mass sister Jane Shepard. The story takes place after Jane saved the galaxy. She invited her sibling to be a part of her crew on the Normandy. The two have not seen each other in years, but Jane seems eager to have her brother join her on her adventures.

But on his journey to the citadel, he encounters a worm hole that leads him in to a different universe, regardless everything seems the same to Shepard, except for one important factor, the women in this new universe are different, they all seem to have duel genders, and good god are they packing.

Or, is Jane simply dragging her twin along for her and mass crew to use as the Normandy cum dump. Keep in mind, this is sleeping nude wife pics alternate universe, so everyone but John thinks everything futa normal, and as of now only EDI knows he's from another universe, Rules. Each chapter needs to have two or more choices, do not end any chapter. Be as futa as possible. Do not kill off John. This is to make sure that every chapter here is enjoyable to read for all readers. Every futa character has a bigger dick effect John Shepard.

Every female in this universe is a futanari, no exceptions. If these rules are not followed Effect will delete them, so please follow them. The story will follow around John Shepard, the main character; he is 32 years old, 6 foot even, ponds. For the sake of his survival John Shepard is inhumanly sturdy.

The five universes. It speaks for itself, futa in this universe mass the same size, a little smaller, or a little taller than John Shepard. The scale that is preferred are, dicks are between 10 to 20 inches long, testicles are between tennis balls, to cantaloupes, cum output ranges from quarts to gallons at a time.

Rules are more futa, as long as there oversized. If you want them to have cocks as big as buses go for it. If you want breast big enough to fill swimming pools futa milk, go for it. A clit the size of a refrigerator, an ass that can hold a car between its cheeks, balls as big as houses, go f king nuts. You can make one specific body part huge and leave the naked school girl tumblr normal, or make everything about them huge.

If you want you can also malformed body types, multiple effect, boobs, cocks, you name it.

Mass Effect Futa vers - Chapter 1 - Sombloke - Mass Effect - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Make a serpent body out of tongues, clit tentacles, whatever you want. They range in size from 10 to 20 feet tall, maybe more. Her azure was soaking wet, and in a mass thrust, Shepard was able to bury herself inside. As the Justicar gripped down around her, Futa took a moment to steady herself.

Samara's hand had felt wonderful, but it couldn't compare to the feeling of being surrounded by that tight, slippery heat and she was afraid she'd come again before she got to enjoy it.

Holding her cock still, she instead buried her face in the asari's impressive cleavage, licking and sucking the soft tits in front of her while her hands effect her lover's firm ass.

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Samara wrapped her arms around her effect, enjoying the attention being paid to the rest of her body but unable to stop her hips from moving. Her first climax had only made her hotter and she needed to be fucked hard.

Shepard could sense it, and as she began to take the asari, Samara felt a desire to meld starting to grow in her mind. She hadn't eat my balls porn sure she would want to make such an intimate connection, but as Shepard's thumb found her clit and began stroking it, she made her decision.

The commander was a woman she cared for, and she trusted her enough to share her pleasure with her. Pleasuring Samara was helping to keep Shepard's mind off of her own need to come again, but as the asari somehow tightened her azure around her shaft, the tactic was starting to fail the commander.

There futa something amazingly hot about the sight of the matriarch, still clad in her headdress, her face mass with pleasure as she rode Shepard and with each thrust, she could feel a little more of her self-control slip away. Not sure how long I can…". Shepard hesitated for a second, but when she saw the blackness filling the Justicar's eyes, she nodded in ascent.

Her mind relaxed itself and she felt the asari's thoughts become one with her own. The flood of extra sensation was overwhelming.

Mass Effect Futa vers

The feel mass being filled by her cock, of her wet mouth on Samara's tits, of their skin pressed together were pulling her over an edge she had already been teetering on. She began to thrust as hard and fast as she could, and as she felt herself start to explode, she pushed as deep as she could go, once, twice, and then she was coming, groaning out, "Samara," as she did. Above her, the Justicar screamed, "Goddess, yes, fill me," and crashed after her, her body spasming around the Spectre's cock as she came.

Shepard felt Samara's pleasure spill over into her own mind and it prolonged her climax, futa it out across a timeless interval. She spurted again free vintage porn movie net again into the asari's azure, coming until she felt like she had nothing more to give effect lover even as Samara's release leaked mass, soaking the red hair between Shepard's legs.

When effect last she felt empty, she slumped over, resting mass head effect the Justicar's mass chest, just enjoying the sound of her breath and feeling more at peace than she had in quite some time. Next time, if there was a next time, she hoped she could last a little longer, but right now, she felt like this had been what not just futa but her new lover had needed.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Mass Effect. Shepard has a bit of an, um, problem thanks to Cerberus.

Various crew members help her out with it. A series of non-canonical futa shots set in the Experiments universe; now expanded to include a number of stories in a similar vein. Please read note inside. Shepard hooks up with lots of female crew members. Wake up, sleepy head! Ha ha! C-sec has your info, so effect should bypass all the security nonsense. We ship out tomorrow. I showed them your picture, and oh man, are you in trouble! I heard about how you held down the fort when mass reapers attacked Earth, that place was ground zero; you saved a lot of lives in there.

EDI came back on the speaker. He still hoped it was. OK, listen carefully. The women in this universe are… duel gendered. They have both a penis and, what is common only for them, a vagina. In your universe, they oddly only have vaginas. Are you saying… the women here all have… dicks?! There is one more thing about females in futa universe that you should know about. Where will this story go next? You have effect following choices:.

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All Writing. Generated in 0. You have the following choices: 1. The Mechanic 5. The Terrible Truth 6. Revivification 7. New Friends, Old Faces 8. A Thief's Allegiances 9. New Horizons Stoking the Fires Finding the One Sister Act Trial and Error Fuck the Queen Getting to Know You Starting Anew Embrace Eternity End of the Beginning


mass effect futa sarah vandella sex tube Effect, regular readers may recall mass back in Non-Elective Surgery, Shepard thought about being futa by various female members of her crew. This is a series of highly NSFW one-shots exploring what could have happened if she had given in to those various temptations. I wrote it because 1 I like writing smut and 2 It gives me a chance to write some pairings I wouldn't get to do otherwise. It is non-canon with the rest of the Experiments stories. Mass sat in silence, regarding the stars. From them, all matter and thus all life had once come and long after she and her troubles were gone, futa beauty of those effect would remain. It was a thought that comforted the Justicar and she focused on it, losing herself in their grandeur.
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mass effect futa teen porn young nice You did what you had to do, and she brought it on herself. She was your mother, I know how it feels when your mother dies," Cassie said softly. I wish to remember Benezia as she used to be, before she was corrupted by Sovereign's power. I appreciate your concern, but I am fine. I am with you until the end, Shepard. You were telling me about your interest in the Protheans. Especially humans.
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mass effect futa nude passionate anal gif While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Ashley Williams new position 2. Fun with Miranda 3. The shepherd family 4.